Phonological CorpusTools allows for easy computation of phonological metrics used in the literature for any corpus of language that you provide.

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Kathleen Currie Hall (kathleen.hall@ubc.ca)
Blake Allen
Michael Fry
Scott Mackie
Michael McAuliffe

Department of Linguistics
The University of British Columbia


We give special thanks to Kevin McMullin for help throughout this project; to Andy Wedel for help with the implementation of functional load; to Barbara Sennott, originally from Kispiox / Anspayax, for the use of her Gitksan love story as an example; to Paul Tupper, John Goldsmith, and Jason Riggle for discussion of mutual information; to Alfred Ko for help in compiling various transcription / feature files; and to Kenny Vaden, Marc Brysbaert, Bruce Hayes, and Jeff Mielke for the use of the IPHOD corpus, SUBTLEX frequencies, Hayes features, and P-base features (respectively) within PCT. Financial support for this project comes from a SSHRC Insight Development Grant to Kathleen Currie Hall.

Citing PCT

Please see Citing PCT and the algorithms used therein for information.