corpustools.corpus.io.text_spelling.load_discourse_spelling(corpus_name, path, annotation_types=None, lexicon=None, feature_system_path=None, support_corpus_path=None, ignore_case=False, stop_check=None, call_back=None)[source]

Load a discourse from a text file containing running text of orthography


corpus_name : str

Informative identifier to refer to corpus

path : str

Full path to text file

annotation_types : list of AnnotationType, optional

List of AnnotationType specifying how to parse text files

lexicon : Corpus, optional

Corpus to store Discourse word information

support_corpus_path : str, optional

Full path to a corpus to look up transcriptions from spellings in the text

ignore_case : bool, optional

Specify whether to ignore case when using spellings in the text to look up transcriptions

stop_check : callable, optional

Callable that returns a boolean for whether to exit before finishing full calculation

call_back : callable, optional

Function that can handle strings (text updates of progress), tuples of two integers (0, total number of steps) and an integer for updating progress out of the total set by a tuple



Discourse object generated from the text file