corpustools.corpus.io.csv.export_corpus_csv(corpus, path, delimiter=', ', trans_delimiter='.', syll_delimiter=None, variant_behavior=None)[source]

Save a corpus as a column-delimited text file

corpus : Corpus

Corpus to save to text file

path : str

Full path to write text file

delimiter : str

Character to mark boundaries between columns. Defaults to ‘,’

trans_delimiter : str

Character to mark boundaries in transcriptions. Defaults to ‘.’

syll_delimiter : str, optional

Character to mark boundaries in syllables. Defaults to ‘None’. Only active when syllable exists.

variant_behavior : str, optional

How to treat variants, ‘token’ will have a line for each variant, ‘column’ will have a single column for all variants for a word, and the default will not include variants in the output