download_binary, path, call_back=None)[source]

Download a binary file of example corpora and feature matrices.

Names of available corpora: ‘example’ and ‘iphod’

Names of available feature matrices: ‘ipa2spe’, ‘ipa2hayes’, ‘celex2spe’, ‘celex2hayes’, ‘arpabet2spe’, ‘arpabet2hayes’, ‘cpa2spe’, ‘cpa2hayes’, ‘disc2spe’, ‘disc2hayes’, ‘klatt2spe’, ‘klatt2hayes’, ‘sampa2spe’, and ‘sampa2hayes’


name : str

Identifier of file to download

path : str

Full path for where to save downloaded file

call_back : callable

Function that can handle strings (text updates of progress), tuples of two integers (0, total number of steps) and an integer for updating progress out of the total set by a tuple



True if file was successfully saved to the path specified, False otherwise