corpustools.funcload.functional_load.relative_minpair_fl(corpus_context, segment, relative_count=True, distinguish_homophones=False, output_filename=None, stop_check=None, call_back=None)[source]

Calculate the average functional load of the contrasts between a segment and all other segments, as a count of minimal pairs.


corpus_context : CorpusContext

Context manager for a corpus

segment : str

The target segment.

relative_count : bool, optional

If True, divide the number of minimal pairs by the total count by the total number of words that contain either of the two segments.

distinguish_homophones : bool, optional

If False, then you’ll count sock~shock (sock=clothing) and sock~shock (sock=punch) as just one minimal pair; but if True, you’ll overcount alternative spellings of the same word, e.g. axel~actual and axle~actual. False is the value used by Wedel et al.

stop_check : callable, optional

Optional function to check whether to gracefully terminate early

call_back : callable, optional

Optional function to supply progress information during the function


int or float

If relative_count`==False, returns an int of the raw number of minimal pairs. If `relative_count`==True, returns a float of that count divided by the total number of words in the corpus that include either `s1 or s2.