corpustools.corpus.io.text_transcription.load_discourse_transcription(corpus_name, path, annotation_types=None, lexicon=None, feature_system_path=None, stop_check=None, call_back=None)[source]

Load a discourse from a text file containing running transcribed text

corpus_name : str

Informative identifier to refer to corpus

path : str

Full path to text file

annotation_types : list of AnnotationType, optional

List of AnnotationType specifying how to parse text files

lexicon : Corpus, optional

Corpus to store Discourse word information

feature_system_path : str, optional

Full path to pickled FeatureMatrix to use with the Corpus

stop_check : callable, optional

Optional function to check whether to gracefully terminate early

call_back : callable, optional

Optional function to supply progress information during the loading


Discourse object generated from the text file