CorpusTools 1.1.1 Release NotesΒΆ

This is a bugfix release for version 1.1.0.

  • Fixed an issue where inventory charts were not properly generated when a feature specifying diphthongs was not present
  • Fixed an issue where corpus importing was ignoring user specified corpus names
  • Fixed an issue with loading TextGrid and running text corpora with feature systems
  • Fixed an issue where inventory charts were sometimes not properly generated for corpora generated before 1.1.0 sometime
  • Fixed an issue where feature pairs could not be selected if a segment in the inventory was unspecified or underspecified
  • Added a check for unspecified segments on associating feature systems with corpora
  • Added a check for columns named transcription that are not parsed as transcription
  • Increased initial size of the parsing preview section when importing corpora