CorpusTools 1.0.1 Release Notes

This is primarily a bugfix release in the 1.0.x series

New features

  • Implemented the ability to check for updates to PCT from the executable versions through the help menu of the main window

Functional load

  • Fixed a bug in functional load calculations that undercounted the number of minimal pairs found if homophones were present


  • Numeric filters for subsetting corpora should be working as intended now

TextGrid support

  • Improved importing of TextGrids by allowing users to specify what the labels for orthography and transcription tiers are

  • Fixed a bug in TextGrid loading where the last segment from the previous word’s transcription was duplicated in the following word’s transcription

  • Fixed a bug where loading TextGrids resulted in an empty segment inventory


  • Improved error messages

  • Fixed a bug that blocked subsetting a corpus

  • Fix for running text window not getting cleared when switching corpora

  • Segments should now correctly default to a grid layout when the inventory is displayed and the feature system is missing some Hayes- or SPE-like features