Phonological CorpusTools allows for easy computation of phonological metrics used in the literature for any corpus of language that you provide.

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Kathleen Currie Hall (kathleen.hall@ubc.ca)
Blake Allen
Edith Coates
Michael Fry
Serena Huang
Khia Johnson
Roger Lo
Scott Mackie
Michael McAuliffe
Stanley Nam

Department of Linguistics
The University of British Columbia


We give special thanks to Kevin McMullin for help throughout the first several years of this project; to Ivy Hu for help in updating the documentation; to Andy Wedel for help with the implementation of functional load; to Barbara Sennott, originally from Kispiox / Anspayax, for the use of her Gitksan love story as an example; to Paul Tupper, John Goldsmith, and Jason Riggle for discussion of mutual information; to Alfred Ko for help in compiling various transcription / feature files; and to Kenny Vaden, Marc Brysbaert, Bruce Hayes, and Jeff Mielke for the use of the IPHOD corpus, SUBTLEX frequencies, Hayes features, and P-base features (respectively) within PCT. Financial support for this project comes from a SSHRC Insight Development Grant to Kathleen Currie Hall.

Citing PCT

Please see Citing PCT and the algorithms used therein for information.